Shortlisted in the book awards


'Beyond the State: New Zealand State Houses from Modest to Modern' has been nominated as a finalist in the 2014 New Zealand Post Book Awards.

Andrea worked on the book with co-author Bill McKay, photographer Simon Devitt and publisher Debra Millar during 2013. We looked at the much-loved New Zealand state house from a historic and contemporary point of view. The book is a biography of sorts of the stout little boxes that the First Labour Government built en masse.

We wanted to avoid it being a ‘make-over’ book, so the 14 case studies range from untouched originals, to minor upgrades and, for contrast, a couple of swanky renovations and additions. If people can see how they can be enlarged – the government-issue houses were pretty tiny – then more of them might be kept and adapted.

We have had a lot of great press about the book, but my favourite review was by Paul Litterick in Metro. He wrote “This is a refreshing book, free of the smugness of some magazines, free of perfect couples and their flaxen-haired children . . . Simon Devitt’s photographs are sympathetic to the houses and their inhabitants. Andrea Stevens tells their stories. Bill McKay tells the bigger story. All in all, this is a good solid book, about good solid houses and the people who live in them.”

See inside Beyond the State.

Published: 26/03/2014
Format: Hardback, 288 pages
ISBN-13: 9780143570653
ISBN-10: 014357065X
Publisher: Penguin NZ