Why copywriting is so important for your business


What is copywriting?

In the world of marketing, copywriting is defined as the strategic and creative use of words to engage, entertain, persuade, teach, inform, or inspire a defined audience. The aim of copywriting – alongside other creative strategies by brands and organisations – is to communicate the value you offer, demonstrate your expertise, and spark action.

This means copy plays a critical role in virtually all brand communication efforts.

The right words also help search engines find you

In the 1990s, internet search engines gave copywriting an extra job ¬– ‘keywords’ typed into the search bar allowed people to find information online. So keyword strategy quickly became part of a copywriter’s job too.

To rank on page one of a Google search, you need a solid keyword and SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. With 85–90% of people looking at only page one results – and about 90% of clicks going to organic results rather than ads – optimising your keywords can be the difference between being found online or getting lost in the digital wilderness.

People find your website . . . so then what?

A website’s job is not just to look amazing and impress. It has to be in ‘active’ conversation with your reader. It will tell stories, make connections, solve problems, generate leads, and create conversions.

You want it to be a two-way conversation. You inform and engage so that your reader or potential customer wants to connect, to take the next step in a relationship with you.

If you have a lead generation and conversion website, people will contact you, sign up to your newsletter, download a PDF guide, purchase, make a booking, etc.

Conversion tactics are as old as the art of copywriting, but have their own best practices in digital marketing.

A simple ‘brochure’ website only does half the job.

Create a plan

Make your website content work for you by starting with the basics: a solid content strategy and keyword strategy. Consider who your target audience is, what words they are using, what information they would find valuable on a regular basis. Update your Home, About and Services/Product pages to current writing and conversion best practice; and review your content outreach strategy – activities such as SEO, Adwords, remarketing, email, or social media. Create regular, quality case studies and blogs and Google will rank your site higher than a passive, brochure-ware site.

With the right strategy, you’ll start seeing results in a matter of weeks. And after six to twelve months you will have a tailored content process refined from insights on audience interaction and engagement.

Read my content mapping article to start defining how you can engage with your ideal customer more effectively through content creation.

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Andrea is an experienced writer and content strategist living in Auckland, New Zealand. She has an unhealthy obsession with her work, consuming books and podcasts about content best practice and entrepreneurship, daily. She started Folio in 2007 as the GFC hit (a feat in itself), has authored four books, been a finalist in the NZ Book Awards, written hundreds of website pages and social media posts, more captions than she'd like to remember, and some very, very long white papers. In its ten years plus, Andrea has developed Folio into a busy writing agency, attracting clients who have the same love for quality writing and brand storytelling as she has. Read more about Folio or contact Andrea directly by email – andrea (@) folio.nz.