Our services

Marketing and business copywriting to grow your profile and generate leads.


Compelling messages to engage and inspire

The success of all your communications lies in how clearly and powerfully you word your customer value. We help you clarify your ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’, then write messages that are meaningful to your audience.

Content strategy aligned to business goals

Whether you want to increase leads, raise your industry profile or inspire action, a solid content strategy will provide a road map. We use market and customer research for an evidence-based approach.

Quality content creation and copywriting

Once we have crystallised your value, we write copy based on deeper customer needs. This is more engaging, more inspiring and more resonant, and will ultimately make your brand more successful.

Digital content for lead generation

We help you transform your website from a brochure site into a lead-generation tool. By understanding your customers’ needs and decision-making journey, we create content based on search intent.

Content optimisation for search visibility

With a content strategy based on real-world customer information needs, we optimise your website, so your content is not only found, but is also helpful and inspiring, and sparks deeper engagement.

Create once, publish everywhere

Your website is the foundation for all brand communications. We help you share these stories in various ways by extending or ‘atomising’ your content for greater reach and return.

Folio process diagram

Our process

What we do

Brand stories and messaging
Keyword research
Copy editing and proofreading
Brochure and print copy
Digital and website content
Business and technical documents
Scripts and presentations
Content optimisation


Are you a small business?

We run a streamlined copywriting service for small businesses: a three-page website package priced at $980 + GST. This includes:

  • A 60-minute phone call where we learn about your business, purpose and target audience. You will then complete a questionnaire that conveys the business’ why/what/how, customer insights and the outcomes you deliver via your product/services.

  • We will write the copy for three core website pages: Home page (story block headings and links), About page (300 words) and Services or Products overview page (300 words).

  • A client review period allowing for up to two revisions.

  • Proofreading and delivery.

Email us at studio (at) folio.nz for a brochure detailing the full service.


Are you a professional service or B2B brand?

Book a call to discuss your content strategy.

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